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Public Bid Notice

February 2, 2022







The City of Rayne is seeking assistance for engineering services needed relative to the construction of a new Oak Street sewerage pump station.  The project consists of the consolidation of two existing sewerage pump stations (Gossen Pump Station and Section Pump Station) into one new sewerage pump station with a new force main that will be routed directly to the City’s Wastewater Treatment Facility.


The City of Rayne is soliciting qualification statements for engineering services to perform the engineering design, preliminary and final plans, permitting if necessary, surveying, preparing specifications and bid packages, construction administration and inspection of the project.  The agreement will be negotiated with the selected offerer according to federal guidelines.  The City of Rayne will contract for the engineering services with an engineering firm capable of providing the professional services necessary for this project in a timely manner.




The services to be provided by the Engineering firm for this project will include, but not be limited to:


  1. Review all data available, meet with municipal officials to develop a plan of action to implement the project.


  1. On behalf of the City, if necessary and required, prepare all necessary environmental permits, including but not limited to, the U.S. Department of Army Corps of Engineers permit and the State of Louisiana Department of Natural Resources Coastal-Use permit.


  1. Provide preliminary engineering drawings for review and approval by the City.


  1. Prepare a final set of plans and specifications to be submitted for review to the City.  Prepare the construction bid package in conformance with the applicable requirements.


  1. Assist the City with the public bid process including such items as preparing the bid advertisements, attend the bid opening, conduct the bid opening, prepare a certified tabulation of the bids, assist with the award process including providing a written recommendation to the award of the bid, prepare all the necessary contracts and issue the notice to proceed.


  1. Conduct the pre-bid and pre-construction conferences as necessary.


  1. Provide construction oversight (inspection) throughout the life of the project to ensure work is completed in an acceptable manner.


  1. Provide construction administration (part of the basic engineering services) throughout the life of the project and review and approve all contractor requests for payment and submit approved requests to the City.


  1. Coordinate and/or conduct any geotechnical services and/or testing needed.




Respondents are to provide a transmittal letter and the Respondent’s Statement of Qualification needs to be formatted by numbering the four (4) following items exactly as the items are presented herein along with any subparts (letters) preferably typing the item then providing the Respondent’s response directly after.  Interested Respondents are to submit Statements of Qualifications that contain the following information:


            Transmittal Letter

1.         Introduction

2.         Experience and Specialized Knowledge

3.         Personnel/Professional Qualifications

4.         Spatial Relationship


Transmittal Letter


By signing the letter and/or offer, the Respondent certifies that the signatory is authorized to bind the Respondent. The Statement of Qualification should include:


a.         A brief statement of the Respondent's understanding of the scope of the work to be performed relative to the construction of a new Oak Street Sewerage Pump Station;

b.         A confirmation that the Respondent meets the appropriate state engineering licensing requirements to practice in the State of Louisiana;

c.         A confirmation that the Respondent has not had a record of substandard work within the last five (5) years;

d.         A confirmation that the Respondent has not engaged in any unethical practices within the last five (5) years;

e.         Any other information that the Respondent feels appropriate;

f.          The signature of an individual who is authorized to make offers of this nature in the name of the Respondent submitting the Statement of Qualification.


1.         Introduction


Respondent needs to list the following:


a.         Name of Respondent

b.         Respondent address

c.         Respondent telephone number

d.         Respondent federal tax identification number

e.         DUNS Number

f.          Name, title address, telephone number, fax number, and email address of contact person authorized to contractually obligate the Respondent on behalf of the Respondent.

g.         Describe Respondent's firm by providing its type of entity and business expertise, short history, current ownership structure and any recent or materially significant proposed change in ownership all in no more than one page.


2.         Experience & Specialized Knowledge


Respondents needs to:


a.         Provide the date the firm (prime firm) was established and length of time the firm has been in business.

b.         Describe or list any prior engagements in which Respondent’s firm (note the prime firm’s experience only will used to score this item) assisted a governmental entity with engineering services for recent sewerage pump station improvement projects.  Respondent should provide the name of the governmental entity, a short description of the services provided, the year of the project, a short description of the sewerage system improvements project and the approximate total cost of the project.

c.         Describe the firm’s (and if applicable the team-subconsultants) workload and current capacity (including any sub consultants utilized) to accomplish the work.

d.         Describe any additional information the characteristics of which would be uniquely relevant in evaluating the experience of Respondent's firm to handle the proposed project(s).


3.         Personnel/Professional Qualifications


Respondents should:


a.         Identify staff members (as applicable), in the job classifications of (1) Principal in Charge, (2) Project Engineer, (3) Senior Engineer, (4) Mid‑level Engineer, (5) Junior Engineer (6) Surveyor, (7) Engineer interns (8) Senior CAD technician, (9) CAD technician, and (10) Engineering technician; who would be assigned to act for Respondent's firm in key management and field positions providing the services described in the Statement of Qualification, and the functions to be performed by each.


b.         Include resumes or curriculum vitae of each such staff member designated above, including name, position, telephone number, fax number, email address, education, and years and type of experience. Describe, for each such person, similar type projects as described in the Introduction on which they have worked. Provide the names and addresses of organizations with whom these staff members worked on.



4.         Spatial Relationship


a.         Provide the number of miles the Respondent’s Office (prime firm’s office) from which a majority of the employees to be assigned to this project is located from the Rayne City Hall.




Respondent’s response will be evaluated on the basis of the written materials submitted and according to the following factors:


1.         Respondent’s Experience and Specialized Knowledge   (0 – 40 points)

(Response to Item 2)

                                    -Length of time the firm has been in business.

                                    -Previous experience of firm designing similar projects.

                                    -Firm’s ability to design the project in timely fashion.


  1. Respondent’s Personnel/Professional Qualifications      (0 – 40 points)

(Response to Item 3)

            -Key personnel’s experience designing similar projects.

            -Firm’s ability to provide an adequate number of

            key personnel to be assigned to the project.


3.         Respondent’s Spatial Relationship                                   (0 – 20 Points)

            (Response in Item 4)

                        -Firms located within 25 miles of City of Rayne Hall

                        will receive a larger number of points.






All questions pertaining to this Request for Qualification Statements (RFQ) for Engineering Services must be submitted in writing no later than 10:00 a.m. on February 14, 2022 and addressed to:


Mrs. Annette Cutrera, City Clerk

City of Rayne

P.O. Box 69            

Rayne, Louisiana 70578


All responses to this RFQ will be evaluated according to the selection criteria in this RFQ and corresponding point system.  The proposals will be evaluated on the basis of written materials and the responses submitted.  Sufficient information must be included in the response to Part Two to assure that the correct number of points are assigned to the selection criteria.  Incomplete or incorrect information may result in a lower score and not properly responding in the format as required in Part Two may result in the Respondents response being deemed non-responsive and thus not scored.  The City of Rayne reserves the right to reject any and all responses.


All responses will be scored and ranked with the highest rated firm being awarded the contract.


In the event of a tie for the highest score, oral interviews will be held with those firms.  The City of Rayne will determine which firm will be awarded the contract with fifty percent of the rating to be based on the Respondents responses to Item 2 in Part Two of this RFQ and the other fifty percent of the rating based on the results of the oral interviews.  Unsuccessful offers will be notified as soon as possible.


The City of Rayne will then begin to negotiate a contract with this Engineer.  The negotiations will include the development of a contract including the scope of services and the fee(s) to be paid to the Engineer.  If the negotiations to develop a contract to the satisfaction of the City cannot be reached and/or cannot be reached in a timely manner, the City will then discontinue the negotiations with the highest ranked Engineer and begin to negotiate a contract with the next highest ranked Engineer (Respondent) and so on.


Two (2) copies of the response and any supplemental information should be provided.  All responses should be sealed and marked on the outside:






Responses to this Request for Qualification Statements for Engineering Services should be hand‑delivered or mailed so that the Respondent's proposal is received no later than 10:00 a.m. on February 14, 2022:



Mrs. Annette Cutrera

City of Rayne

P.O. Box 69            

Rayne, Louisiana 70578

December 12, 2019

Computer Software Bid

The City of Rayne will accept proposals from responsible and responsive vendors for a new financial system to replace the current system in place. Proposals will be accepted by electronic submission only through no later than January 8, 2018 at 2:00 p.m.  Proposers may view the complete Request for Proposals publicly at


October 05, 2017

Asphalt Repair Bid

The City of Rayne is seeking proposals from responsible and qualified contractors to excavate and patch with asphalt approximately 70 designated areas of various sizes located on city streets.  Contractors are required to provide all materials, labor, and equipment to repair the areas to DOTD standards.  Proposals will be accepted by electronic means only through no later than November 6, 2017 at 2:00 p.m.  Proposers may view the complete Request for Proposals publicly at or may request a copy by contacting  Annette R. Cutrera , City Clerk at 337-334-3121 or P.O. Box 69 Rayne, LA 70578.

Published in the Rayne - Acadian Tribune on October 5, 2017.

Published in the Rayne - Acadian Tribune on October, 26, 2017.

Bid NOW CLOSED on November 6, 2017.

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