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Rayne Chamber of Commerce

Many times each day this question or a very similar one is heard at the Rayne Chamber of Commerce office. You might call the Chamber the "Answer Headquarters" for the City of Rayne and Acadia Parish. Local citizens, visitors to the area, and interested persons from all over the country come in or call constantly, often with very unusual questions: Can we see live frogs in Rayne? Why are you called the Frog Capital of the World? Where can I get fresh donuts and kingcake? What's the name of that place that stuffs turkeys? What is a Frog Festival? Where can I find school uniforms?  Where can I find a unique gift? Who sells sno-cones?

And the questions go on and on! But the Chamber does even more than answer those thousands of questions. Its major responsibility is to promote the economic development of the city and the area in order to build a better future for local business and industry. To fulfill this responsibility, the Chamber sponsors programs to support existing businesses, attract new ones, and enhance the quality of life in the community. The Chamber is also an equal opportunity employer and provider of services.

Our annual Frog Festival, held the second weekend in November, draws over 50,000 people to Rayne for exciting frog racing and jumping contests, some of the best music and food anywhere, carnival rides and the midway, and special attractions such as rock climbing and the petting zoo.

The Chamber's new office building located at 107 Oak Street is well equipped to serve the local business community and Rayne's many visitors. Its spacious lobby features historic memorabilia and offers a wide variety of frog souvenirs. It also houses a conference room that accommodates Chamber meetings and is available for rent by Chamber members and the public for small business meetings, seminars or workshops. The facility, grounds and parking are fully handicapped accessible.


Stop by for a visit and a cup of coffee when you're in Rayne-or if you have a question that needs an answer, write, call, FAX or e-mail us, and we promise you a rapid reply. Better yet, visit the Rayne Chamber of Commerce website at

Rayne Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture
107 Oak St., Rayne, LA 70578
Phone : 337-334-2332
FAX : 337-334-8341
Email :

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